A watch made from a can

This watch is made out of a whole can and added to a watch movement.

The two elements are joined by means of a special press made especially for the watch.

The cancan watch was made from an entire can.

It is an exclusive timepiece never created before.

After use, each can is recycled in an unusual way. It is transformed and turned into a beautifully designed watch case using a patented technique.

A colorful modern watch is made from a recycled material: we call this primary recycling. There are many different cans and each watch is a unique timepiece.

Each year, 750 millions cans are sold in Switzerland. 70% of them get recycled: in Europe, 42 billion cans and 200 billion cans worldwide.

These cans tell time.

The cancan watches are a fantastic contribution to environment friendly efforts being made. They are a symbol of intelligent and creative recycling.

A new material transformed and turned into a fabulous new timepiece.

Primary recycling, an original idea by Robert H. Wohlfahrt. Cans receive a new life, recycled without polluting.

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